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Hello, my name is Samuel. I’m an England-based iOS and Android developer.
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Addicted to Social Media?

Addicted? is a quiz based mobile app for both iOS and Android to find out if you're addicted to social media! Download it, to see if you are Addicted?

Holiday Essentials

Never forget an item when going on holiday. With ready made lists for Camping, Cruises and many more you can easily check off each item when you have packed it ready! Enjoy your holiday before it has begun, with stress-free packing.

Dilution Calculator

Easy to use Dilution Calculator, perfect for car detailing / valeting and paint purposes. Quickly calculate the amount of water and solution you need wherever you are!

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Quickly learn the NATO phonetic alphabet, can be used whereever you are. Never get it wrong again by using this app.

What Road?

Easily find your location using the simple to use What Road? app, perfect for when you need to know exactly where you are with no hassle!

Coming soon...

There is currently a project that is a work in progress which will be coming very soon to iOS!
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Coming soon...


Coming soon...